April 2, 2014

Day 312

Began the day with Modern History, which was really cool because we began talking about WWI today! Looked at technology, weapons, and of course the prelude to the war with all the entangling alliances and such. Completely ridiculous conflict, but a defining one for the twentieth century.I mean, this really began the modern technological age and the twentieth century in general. Really fun class, though we ended it on somewhat of a sad note when we talked about the trenches and the horrible hell those must have been. That was kind of a downer to end on, but otherwise the education was quite good!

Strings was next, and we worked on the Holberg Suite and the Danzas de Panama suite (lots of suites for our last concert). Pretty fun ll in all, and after this, I hung out and began thinking about the colloquium presentation. I'm toying with just doing a straight lecture, and even searching the internet for Buffy clips was difficult, because most of the videos on youtube are montage or song tribute videos, and so it's going to be really hard for me to show clips of the show for my presentation. I did find one of the Black Widow interrogation scene from The Avengers, so that was good. My search continues!

English was the highlight of my day today. We had this great conversation about what constitutes art and what if any influence does it have in the real world, and what relationship does it have to the real world. Really fascinating talk, and my peers brought up some really interesting points. I am of the general opinion that art should make you think intelligently about a thought-provoking theme or subject while also having an stablished base in which to root your thoughts based on the authors's original intentions. I hate obscurantism, that's why the last part of that is in there. But some of the other points that people brought up were really cool. One of the students talked about how when we see a show like Breaking Bad, that doesn't automatically mean that we're going to go out into the world and become meth dealers. To the people who think that art is damaging to our youth, I and the rest of my class say to you, "go preach to someone who gives a shit". I'm sorry, but art in and of itself is not harmful to anyone (barring propaganda of course) Oh, it can be offensive, misleading, etc. but in order to become a meth dealer for example, you're already going to have to be a pretty messed up individual in order to do that. There are a host of other factors that come into play well before Breaking Bad is even remotely touched upon, and when it is, it'll most likely be seen as a mere reinforcement of or  very minor catalyst for this problem. Anyway, that conversation in this class was really quite good, and it was something that had been on my mind for a while, so it was nice to finally talk about it in a classroom full of intelligent people.

Track got new equipment! That's cool, and I helped unpack it. That was my duty for the day as manager. Not really much else to say on this subject. We have a meet this Friday. I intend to listen to more A Feast For Crows on the way up to Santa Fe. Should be exciting.

Penultimate class of piano was tonight. I will say as much as that calss bores me, I do appreciate what it's doing to me on a psychological and music-base level. In conjunction with my far more advanced composition tutoring which includes some piano, this class helps form a base from which to work, and helps ground all my knowledge and skill, which I think is really important for someone like me who is starting off fairly late in the game. We ran through some pretty easy pieces and then watched a really interesting video about Claudio Arrau, a really awesome Chilean pianist! Super fascinating and he played Beethoven's last piano sonata, which we then talked a little bit about. Really nice way to end the class, and I'm looking forward to next week's finale to the course.

Person of Interest is getting more and more badass and insane! The machine is out (sort of; the public is suspicious of it now), and things are just going crazy! So many little subplots and things are quickly developing into full-blown arcs and it's so great. I love this show. Well, better dash off to bed. Violin tomorrow! Yay.

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