March 31, 2014

Day 310

First school day of the last quarter of high school! Had a great day today and it began with seeing all my friends again which was awesome! Modern History was really nerve-wracking because we went over what we are now supposed to do for thesis presentations, and I gotta tell ya, I am nervous as all get out by this thing! And the overview of what we are now doing did not ease my terrified little soul! And final drafts of theses are due tomorrow! I'm pretty excited about that, actually. A year's worth of hard work and tiredness and fascinating research and editing and writing and I am handing in the product of all of that tomorrow ! I'm so giddy you have no idea!

Had English next and we have started Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest! Oh man is this just a fun romp from beginning to end! What made it all the more enjoyable was that some of my peers read for characters in the play, and they all adopted British accents, but some of them were worse than others, and so there was a case where someone reading for high Victorian nobility had an accent teetering between English sub verbs and Australian and it was great! So happy to have started this book!

Had strings last. Again, it was super fun to see everyone again in there, and we worked on a Vivaldi cello concerto that we're performing with the principle cellist from the NM Philharminic, which is a real treat! Also worked on the Holburg suite, which is sounding pretty good!

Track was excellent. Got the times for the meets this Friday and Saturday, and got the field event materials all sorted out. And we now have a roster! That's exciting! Overall a very good practice.

AYS... I hate this program so much. Not sure if I've made that clear prior to now, but yeah. I hate this. Worked on the two Copland pieces, which are sounding excellent. We had a guest conductor who I will take over our current dictator any day; he was really excellent! Our actual conductor gave a really rambling speech about auditions (and I thanked the Lord once again that I am a senior), and then worked a little bit on the Barber violin concerto. Good practice tonight; I just do not like being there in general.

I'm off to bed. Sorry to end this on such a sour note. Super tired and also excited to turn in my thesis tomorrow! Goodnight everyone!

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