March 29, 2014

Day 308

Well, I had a super productive day! Got up and my Mom and I primed the windows in the spare room, my bathroom, and my Mom's room, and then we did some more cleaning! It really is like the definition of spring cleaning and stuff. I'm very happy that we got this done, especially considering that it only took three hours; not sure why we didn't do this before now, but whatever!

And hey, I hope you all like the new background and minor Tweens to the site. Finally got the bugs fixed on my end in terms if me being able to edit the look of the site, so I decided to try it out again. For whatever reason, the blogger design customization tool was busted for me, but now I fixed it, so hooray! Worked a little bit on the second movement of my piano piece, and then my Mom and I went to see Noah. Probably going to be doing a Mini-View about it tomorrow vrcause Ii do have so e things to say about it. Came back home and watched a whole bunch of Being Human. Trying to catch up on like a month's with of the show, so that's why I'm super late blogging. Sorry about that.

I'm off to bed now. Really tired. Goodnight everyone.

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