March 27, 2014

Day 306

Yeah! So, I found this on Tumblr, and it is honestly one of my favorite things ever! I crack up every time I watch it!

So, I had a pretty nice day today. Woke up pretty early and did some house cleaning, made some eggs (this is the most ambitious I've gotten with breakfast because I'm a spoiled person), and generally had an active morning of cleaning, cooking, and writing. I worked on my novel a little bit and finalized my first movement of my Piano Sonata and drafted the first theme of the second! I'm on a roll with this thing, and I love it.

Violin lesson was really cool tonight. Worked on the Kabolevsky Concerto for the majority of it, and it's getting better. I'm able to play some of it quickly, while there are sections that I still must practice nailing the pitches before speeding them up. Csardas is going well too. My teacher said that I should stop worrying about the precision of the rhythm and start making the beginning more interpretive. And congratulations to her, because I found out that her daughter is getting married, so that's awesome!

Came home and watched Tuesday's Person of Interest! It's really going strong this season! Now that Root is essentially and uneasy ally, things are picking up pace and intensity, and the stakes are just getting bigger and bigger. This show is so great, and I cannot wait until this season is out on DVD so I can watch it again!

Well, I'm off to bed. Planning on seeing a movie tomorrow with my Mom because she has the day off. See you all tomorrow.

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