March 26, 2014

Day 305

So, I made this awesome Oreo cookie mouse dessert thing (linked here), and I was suuuuuper happy about it! I couldn't eat the whole thing, one because it was waaay too rich, and two, the whole thing is supposed to be eight servings, so... y'know, I'm just a normal sweet-toothed person; I don't have a hankering for chocolate at all times, and this thing was super rich anyway. Here's a picture of my successful concoction:

Yeah, don't I look happy?!

I printed out my thesis for my Mom to read today (yes, all fifty pages of it), and then worked some more on what has now become my first piano sonata! I'm super happy about this, because I've been wanting to write a sonata for a while now, and I liked this and thought I could turn it into one by adding another theme, expanding and messing around with the first one, and then bringing it all back... just like the form of a sonata; music is very logical that way. I got it imported into Sibelius 7 and began touching it up with all the fancy Sibelius-y stuff like cross-stave beaming, cross-stave slurring, continuous pedal marks, etc.. Again, I'm really excited about this, and I cannot wait to go back to composition tutoring next week to show my tutor and get his invaluable input!

Practiced the violin and piano, and then I went off to piano class tonight. Having missed last week, I was a little rusty with the material that we worked on tonight, but it was actually fun and somewhat challenging, which was nice. It was a smaller group than normal, and we watched a section of a piano documentary, this one focusing on pianist and composer Glenn Gould. What an amazing man! Plus he's Canadian. Came home and listened to the full Bach Piano Concerto in D Minor. I love it! Worked some more on my Sonata, and am now ready for bed. Goodnight, all!

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