March 25, 2014

Day 304

Had a pretty relaxing, non-descriptive day today, that is up until tonight. I worked on my thesis some more (I'm printing it tomorrow for my Mom to read; we had to get more paper for the printer!), worked on my outline for my book, which is coming along nicely. I'm also getting ready to put my thoughts down for Frozen, of where I feel it could have been stronger, and the things that it had that could have made it better had those elements been more in focus. Watched some Buffy today just for the hell of it, and generally had a nice relaxing day.

I did clean the garage a little bit as part of our spring cleaning project. I swept up all the leaves which made me happy (seriously, our garage floor was covered in leaves; I don't know why we've waited this long to clean them up, but there you go!) And I read more of A Feast for Crows. It's getting pretty cool, but it does feel substantially more wander-y than the previous three felt. Especially in comparison to the third book, this definitely feels like a breather book with less stuff packed in. Still an enjoyable read through.

Composition tutoring was awesome tonight because this launched me on my newest project! It's a piano march theme and variations thing, which is quickly getting really out of hand in terms of difficulty as so many of my pieces do! It started from this sketch that I showed my comp tutor, and while I had intended it to be a slow lullaby-like piece, he played it as a march, and now I really like it like that. Might reuse it as the basis for a slower thing, but for now, it's turned into a march, and it's really neat. When I came home, I also watched last week's Person of Interest, and holy shit! What a bunch of information, themes, character drama and interplay, and scope last week's episode had crammed into it! But it didn't feel crammed! It felt very dense, but nothing was overdone or felt like it outstayed its welcome. That episode was fantastic, and really raises the moral and ethical stakes as well as the emotional ones to whole new levels! Really happy about that!

Well, I'm continuing to mess around with this piano thing! Tomorrow I'm planning on making an Oreo Mouse recipe that I found online. Shouldn't be too hard... I'll probably burn down the house while making it, but it should be fun and yummy. Goodnight, everyone!

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