March 24, 2014

Day 303

Woke up early again today because I wanted to get this review out so that I'd have something up besides these Project 365 posts for the latter half of this month. Got my review of "Regeneration" done which made me very happy. Worked more on my synopsis for my book (it's not following the outline or the play, but that's okay), and then read my thesis out loud to myself just so I could hear it and see if there were any mistakes. There were like ten total typos, some awkward sentences that didn't sit right in the mouth, and I think the final section could either be split up into two or shortened, but otherwise I think it turned out quite well. I'm planning on printing it out for my Mom to read this week before I send it in April 1st! Can't believe that it's taken a year to get this done yet it feels like it went by so quickly. That's kind of how I feel about the year in general.

I also listened to a few Transformers TFW podcasts. For those who don't know, Transformers World 2005 boards is a TF news site with its own podcast run by my longtime favorite YouTuber Vangelus and it's super great. I listened to a few of those and they were really interesting. They mostly talk about the Transformers toys, new pictures of stuff surfacing on the boards, and news surrounding Transformers. Very informative and insightful. These guys also did a weekly Prime Time supplement to the show where they put their thoughts out there on Transformers Prime. I got a lot of my inspiration to do my reviews from them, and they're just really cool. I couldn't find a link to all of the podcasts ever, but here's a link to the latest one. If you're into Transformers, you should check it out (though you probably already have; I don't keep up to date on this sort of thing, so I'm out of the loop, but most TF fans listen to these I imagine).

Went to AYS tonight, and it was actually really fun! Apparently last week's rehearsal went so well that we started this week off with prepping for our New York tour concert and played through the Tchaikovsky March and the Dvorak No. 9, 2nd Movement, one of my favorite movements of any symphony ever. We also worked on Huapango and some of our current pieces. Everything was exciting and refreshingly energetic! Maybe it was just the fact that I had had a break from it, I don't know, but everything just felt very alive tonight. And there were no speeches by the conductor! It was a really cool rehearsal, and the Barber Violin Concerto is coming along pretty well.

Well, that's all from me for today. I'm so happy I have this week off! I'm not sure if I've made that clear yet; this is so great!

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