March 23, 2014

Day 302

Got up early today and began my rough draft of my next review of Transformers Prime. Going to be taking a look at the Season Two two-part finale which will lead into this summer's look at the start of Season Three, and then we'll go from there. Pretty excited to do this one because it'll allow me to articulate more of what I liked in Season Two and what I didn't like and how I think there was so much potential for good in this season that I didn't really get at in the Overview. Hopefully, this'll turn out to be a good project.

Not much else happened today. I mostly sat around and read some books, shopped on Amazon (seriously, this is becoming a serious debilitation for me), and started to flesh out my synopsis for my book idea from the play I posted a few months ago. It's being fleshed out a lot, and really the whole thing is being overhauled, so in the end it probably won't even resemble the play at all, but that's the genesis of the book, which I think is neat! I can't believe that I'm writing about me writing a book! It's early in the process of course, and most likely nothing will come of it past the first, oh I don't know, like ten pages or something, but this is super cool for me! So, I'm working on that.

Gained a new follower on Twitter that I'm very excited about because he's a YouTuber whom I've followed for years. He goes by the name Peaugh on YouTube and he's a Transformers toy reviewer! Really awesome guy, and I really appreciate him following me. This happened right after I asked him what his favorite symphony was and he replied and then I said that that's really cool, and then he followed me! Sweet!

Well, I'm off to bed. Having this week off will be very nice. I'm planning to read through my thesis and have my Mom read it before making final edits and submitting it on April 1st!

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