March 19, 2014

Day 298

Went to the Frederick Douglas House, which I really enjoyed far more than I thought I would! He's such a fascinating character, and he played the violin, so that's awesome! Here's a picture of Douglas' piano and one of his many violins. Probably not the Stradivarius, but it's still pretty neat!

The drive to DC was long, but well worth it. The DC Ford's Theater exhibit was super cool! All those Lincoln books, man! Awesomeness! We'll be going there tomorrow to see a real play after a fancy dinner, but this was a sweet prelude.

Finally, after dinner, we had a lovely tour of the DC monuments at night. The Lincoln Memorial was packed, of course, but it was so gorgeous! Just being around all these monuments of history and commemorations for people, it just makes you inspired. I'd love to sit here and study for a day in the company of these awesome monuments. I'd never been to the WWII one before, and seeing it at night was just spectacular.

After a really long walk (seriously, these Winterim trips are like a year's worth of exercise packed into a week!), we finally returned to the hotel. Really looking forward to tomorrow! Goodnight, everyone!

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