March 18, 2014

Day 297

Learned all about Gettysburg today! It was truly fascinating for the first two thirds of the day, as we went to the Gettysburg battlefield museum and got a truly amazing tour of the battlefield complete with really great stories about Dan Sickles and how green he was! It was so great. The tour guide was super engaging and knew ea whole lot about the battle and the geography. It really gave you a sense of how huge this battle was when you're there on the field. The museum itself was also really cool! The film and circular-rama-painting thing was also really nifty, and once again, the painting and narration demonstrated very well the battle.

Gettysburg the town was really cool too. I spent a good hour in the American History store... because I'm a nerd, and then we ate at this really great diner called the Lincoln Diner. It was really yummy. I also found some really awesome books that I added to my Amazon Wish List, which has gotten completely out of control, and it was super cool.

The final third of the day was spent taking a tour of the town with this Paranormal Investigator person. I had to resist the urge to just burst out laughing when he just looked at all of us so seriously and said that houses and backyards were haunted. I just don't buy the whole real paranormal activity thing. Just makes me roll my eyes. Made for some good stories though. Well, I'm off to bed. Have to get up early tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!

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