March 17, 2014

Day 296

Tredegar Iron Works began our day today, and it was really fascinating! Learning about the Confederacy from their own viewpoint was our theme today, and this was a pretty neat exhibit.

Next, we visited the Confederate White House and it's museum. This was a really fascinating tour and exhibit. They had on display in the museum all the uniforms and weapons worn and wielded by Lee and Jackson and all them, and in the White House, the tour guide went through and talked about the Davis family and their lifestyle and the house's history. Just really neat and fascinating stuff here!

Monument Ave. was all covered in snow, and while my shots of the monuments are pretty shitty, here are some of them! Pretty neat!

Richmond, VA. At. John's church and cemetary wax our final stop, and this was probably the most fun! I bought a set of Women Who Dare Knowledge Cards, which I felt I needed on account of them being awesome! We then learned a whole lot of disturbing but awesome stories about the people who died at the cemetary. It was very cold while we did this!

Then it was time for the 2nd Virginia Convention reenactment! This thing was really cool! They delivered the Liberty or Death speech very well, and all the actors looked and sounded flawless and awesome! There are pictures of us with the actors, but I didn't get any.

Dinner, a three hour car ride, and getting stopped by police for a fucking Move Over Law, preceded our arrival to the hotel in Gettysburg, and I'm now readi for sleep! Fantastic day; can't wait for tomorrow!

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