March 16, 2014

Day 295

Mount Vernon was pretty interesting to see. We had this pretty wacky tour guide who seemed a little off her nut, but she seemed to know a lot about Washington, so there's that. We had lunch and were greeted by this impersonator of Washington's chief medical assistant person. His accent was impeccable! At the gift shop, I found this really interesting book called Civil War Wives by Carol Berkin. It's super interesting, though I was really tired, so it kinda put me to sleep.

We drove for a good two hours before reaching Bull Run. This was a really crazy battle, fascinating war strategy and all that, and we saw this interesting if cheesy documentary on both battles.

Here are some pictures I took!

So, that's what we did today. Had dinner at this bar/restaurant thing, and it was really good. Tomorrow we visit Gettysburg!

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