March 14, 2014

Day 293

So, it's the last Friday before Winterim (which for me starts tomorrow) and Spring Break! I am so pumped for this trip mostly because I love US history and DC and tourism. I had an easy time of classes today, mostly working on thesis for the first block of the day and then went on into Post and worked with my group about which movie genres and subjects we are going to cover. I'm actually really looking forward to it. We are actually talking about superhero films as their own genre, which is cool.

In Advanced English, we played Celebrity, a game similar to Charades, but instead of miming, you had to convey the Celebrity in question to your team through speech. Some of these were quite funny. All of the ones that I put in were geeky names like Joss Whedon and Adam Baldwin and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and being that all the geeky people were on the other team, they happened to draw all of mine and so scored a tone of extra points (sorry guys!) It was a fun class, and a good way to end the day.

Track was canceled on account of really stormy weather (seriously, the sky looked like Mordor), so that was nice for me too. Came home and packed for my trip for tomorrow and next week! Super stoked. Better get smoe good sleep tonight. See you all tomorrow!

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