March 13, 2014

Day 292

Had the day off today, which I found to be quite lovely! I woke up pretty early, and while I was going to watch an episode of Buffy, I was once again lured by the horrible but also completely awesome winds of, and so I pent about three hours there updating my Wish List to now include like what must be the entire Buffy and Whedonverse essay compilation book, academic thesis or dissertation ever written (and yet they still somehow manage to give me more in the "Similar Items" box) ever! Seriously, this list is insane, and I want to read all of it!!!

I worked on some math homework, violin (I'm composing a new violin solo piece; not sure what to call it yet), and tweaked my argument in the Buffy/Spike relationship section of my thesis to articulate better what I wanted to say on the issue. I've begun packing for my trip to DC on Saturday for my final Winterim at Bosque! So excited about this trip! IT should be so amazing, and really fascinating. I've never been to some of the Civil War battlefields before, so this should be neat.

Violin lesson today was pretty long, and also very tiring. Tiring in the sense that I was tired and didn't do very well, not in the sense that my teacher was a bore. This Kabalevsky piece is really hard! It goes super fast, and the fingerings used in the piece are not intuitive and very tricky to get in tune, at least for me! Also working of Csardas, which is pretty cool. I actually like it more than the Kabalevsky piece in terms of fun; it's more engaging to play to me, but the other one is more intellectually fascinating.

Came home, had some dinner, and am now off to bed. See you all tomorrow for my last day of school before Winterim and Spring break!

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