March 12, 2014

Day 291

Started our poetry unit in Advanced English today! I'm really excited about that, because I'm not very good with poetry, so this should be a good experience.The structure of the class also seems to be improving, as we're planning on doing daily poetry assignments and working in small groups instead of one long project. I'm really happy about this as it will allow us to produces more content of quality because we'll have concentrated feedback. Very good. Today, we wrote three limrics. Mine aren't very good, but I like them, and some of my classates' were excellent!

I had a conversation ith my advisor today about what we have left to do for the rest of the year, and it turns out that we really only have about a month left of school! Like, literally I think four weeks of classes! That's four AYS rehearsals, or four Person of Interest episodes!Isn't that insane? Especially considering that for the latter half of that time, we'll be doing thesis presentations in history, so we'll be done with that here pretty soon. I am so shocked at how quickly everything is going by!

I guess that leads pretty solidly into Post, where we talked about Obama and the political situation of the 2010s (sort of). We also signed up for groups for our big end-of-year projects in Post. My group will be covering movies of the 21st century! I'm so pumped, because my group includes a good friend of mine, and a student who is as geeky as I am, and another student who is a huge LOTR fan, so that's awesome! I'm really happy about this, and can't wait to get to it.

STAM was also talking about projects. We're moving into the data analysis portion of the project, but it poses a problem for me, because on Friday the teacher won't be here, and then we have two weeks off, so I won't be able to recieve help from her until we get back, by which point it'll be almost time to turn things in! Kind of worried about it, but also excited because this is the fun part of the project. Getting to analyze data is always neat because you most often find patters that you didn't realize were there.

I have tomorrow off, which I'm so happy about! I'm going to try to make headway on my STAM project as best I can, and do a Buffy marathon, because Lord knows I haven't watched enough of that for a while! This also probably means that I will be adding a good five pages to my thesis, just 'cause! I also must practice the violin because I have a lesson tomorrow! Oops!

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