March 11, 2014

Day 290

Didn't do much today, partly because I only had two classes, and even then those were half blocks ,so I really only had class until 10:30 and then I was free the rest of the day! It was a pretty fun time. I watched some Buffy episodes, worked a little bit on my thesis, and chatted with some friends of mine about theses and books and stuff. Also had a riveting discussion with my English 12 teacher about The Book of Not, which she finished over the weekend, and we had pretty much the same things to say about it, which surprised me actually. I thought we'd have opposite reactions to it (not in that one of us would hate it but that our opinions on the third act of the book would be different, like maybe I was missing something that my teacher found, but no, we both agreed that the third act was very weak). So, that was fun.

Track was really windy today and very cold. I finally now have a roster (mostly) which I sent off to the coaches to type up. That'll be good to have, so that I'll be able to check everyone in (and hopefully I'll be able to remember everyone's names!)

Composition tutoring was pretty good, though embarrassingly I forgot my composition stuff and instead brought my piano class book! Oops! It really wasn't too bad though because my teacher got me to find out these implied harmonies for one of the pieces in there, which was fun. And I got a chance to practice for tomorrow's class (which I never do because the book itself is pretty easy), and my tutor gave me some good pointers about what's going on in the book, like what they're trying to teach us. It was pretty interesting.

Came home and read a peer's thesis (which is really good), and then practiced some violin. Now going to bed after taking a bunch of BuzzFeed quizzes! I got Buffy for Which Strong Female Character Are You? quiz, which if you think about my thesis is kind of ironic!

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