March 8, 2014

Day 287

Happy International Women's Day!

And happy birthday to my Mom! You're an awesome Mom, and while I may quake in fear when I think about how you'll react when I've received a bad grade in class, I will always love you!

So, I got up pretty late today and for some reason my damn thesis just refuses to die! Seriously, my conclusion has now developed enough to be its own section before a proper conclusion! WTF? And the damn thing is getting very long. I'm curious what some of my readers will think when I send them this new version.

I finished The Book of Not this morning! It ends as awesomely as it began, and everything gets tied together... kind of. It's open-ended, but not to the point of obscurity, which is good, and the themes within the book do get tied back around pretty well. I think Dangarembga has a problem with third acts, because like Nervous Conditions, this book's final act feels very rushed. Not as bad as the first book's, but you are still left with the feeling that this didn't need to end yet. I seriously think she should write a third one of these, because these first couple are amazing!

Went out to dinner to celebrate my Mom's birthday! The dinner was really excellent. It was this Thai restaurant and it was super filling and spicy. Woot! Did some more cleaning out of the spare room, and we're almost ready to paint it. Also found a copy of my Dad's book, and I've begun reading it. Super dense material covered here. It's an analysis of the relationship between technology and war in post-WWI/pre-WWII United States. Really interesting, but also not the most page-turning of topics for me. I do hear my Dad's voice in the work, which is awesome!

Might see 300: Rise of an Empire tomorrow and get to eat some cake (we forwent cake today because we were too full from the dinner), so that ought to be great!

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