March 7, 2014

Day 286

So, it's Friday again! And a three day weekend coming up, followed by a three-day school week and then two weeks of vacation. I really love Senior year of High School!

I had Advanced English first. You may have noticed the story I posted today, "A Throne of Bone and Sin". That's the short story I've been working on in that class, and I think it turned out okay. In class, we submitted our stories to a writers' magazine of our choosing. I chose to submit it to Portland OR writing press, Glimmer Train Press, Inc., and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I quite enjoyed writing my story, though the Advanced English class itself is just not what it used to be, sadly.

The middle of the day was pretty standard. I had Strings and then STAM. For Strings, we worked on our two string quintet suites, but we were all really chatty and a little short on attention span for some reason, so our teacher let us go in a fit of frenzy. In STAM, I turned in my test corrections and my survey sheet to the STAM substitute, which was good. I really do have nothing to work on this weekend (even though my thesis will continue to gnaw at me). I am one chapter away from finishing The Book of Not! I cannot believe how amazing this book has been, and I really can't wait to discuss it with my English teacher once she's done reading it.

Post was the final class of the day. We talked about the Bush administration and Bush's legacy, and covered (kind of) the history of the 2000s up to 2008. We'll continue that next class. I find it a little odd that we made the leap from the '90s (which was a quick unit all things considered for this class), to the 2000s so abruptly. And I'm curious how we're going to end the year with projects about the 2000s when we've already done a brief overview of the Presidents. Still, it was a great class today, and a good way to end the week.

Track practice was okay. I'm getting back into A Feast for Crows, which is getting pretty good. I started that book back in freaking December and I'm only about a quarter of the way through! Oh, where has the time gone? I'm glad I'm getting back into the world of Westeros and all that. I actually had stopped in the middle of this ridiculously long Circe chapter that just dragged on and on, and even now I'm a few paragraphs from the end of it. Looking forward to where it goes.

Came home and worked tirelessly on my thesis. It's now expanded to nearly forty pages, and I'm now really worried that I'm stretching myself way too thin. Bringing in new quotes was supposed to strengthen my existing argument, not give me more things to talk about, dammit! Still, I think it is rather strong, and I'm sure another read through when I'm more alert will tighten things up. Watched the latest Person of Interest, and now everything just exploded in a really complicated chess web of complexity! I trust the writers in keeping everything in check and not getting too bloated, but this episode gave me the impression that the show could spiral out of control down the line if they're not careful. Still, this week's episode was a really neat one!

I'm off to bed! See you all tomorrow for a nice and relaxing Saturday!

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