March 5, 2014

Day 284

So, I got my ear all fixed up! I can hear again, and now the ear that was all infected can hear in some ways better than my right can, so that's cool. I can now practice the violin again without having to guestimate everything! The procedure was just a squirt of water and then all the gunk that was in there just fell right out. There you go. I'm sure your lives have all been enriched by that happy little detail!

I had Post first, which was awesome, because we looked at '90s TV! Sadly, no Buffy reference, but that's okay. We watched an episode of The Simpsons (when it was good, don't worry), and an episode of Seinfeld, which I quite enjoyed. It was a great start to the day, too, because I was pretty tired for some reason (probably because I'm a teenager), and this picked up my spirits a lot.

Advanced English was second today. It was pretty uneventful. Everyone was in a group except for me, so I was perfectly happy just editing down my own work. I also got ample time to read more of The Book of Not! Oh my god, the page-turning climax of the book is heating up! I got this great feeling of relatable situations and mindsets from the main character. She's in high school, and she's wanted this award ever since she got there, and then she's standing there all excited... and then the award goes to another person! And it was just this perfect moment of "oh come the fuck on", because right at that point, I had to leave! So relatable! The book then goes into this very funny and melodramatic (in a good way) depression sequence, where she's quoting Shakespeare all sarcastically and stuff. It's really great!

Strings was pretty fun. I got to sit next to a good friend of mine whom I don't sit next to at all because of the seating arrangement, but for some reason we ended up together today, so that was fun. Played through our new suite piece, and then worked on our other Dansas suite. Both are getting very good. Interestingly, the newer one is the one that is in better shape, probably because it's not as foreign to our musical logic; the musicality of it is obvious and intuitive, whereas the older one is kind of a mishmash of things, so it's harder.

STAM was good too. The actual teacher was back, so that was good I think. We worked on test corrections (which I'll be working on tomorrow, sadly), and looked at some Excel charts and formulas. Also discussed our projects and the layouts for what we'll be handing in next Friday. If possible, I want to get a large part of that done tomorrow (yeah, tomorrow's not gonna be a relaxing day for me, dammit). No track practice for me today, as they all left to go to a gym and didn't have a ride back to school for some reason. I stayed behind and started my STAM test corrections and had some excellent mini sandwhiches!

Had that doctor's appointment, and then went to piano. Now I'm pretty tired but also stoked that I have tomorrow off! Time to get cracking on that STAM project!

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