March 4, 2014

Day 283


So, I had my defense today! I was so nervous going in that I felt like I wanted to puke, and then I started talking and got this terrible trembling going on in my voice, and I kinda just raced through my points because I couldn't stand myself talking. My primary and secondary reader both said that my paper was very strong, and unlike my peers, my main weakness is adding more source backing into my paper (my peers relied too heavily on their sources, it seems), so that's pretty nice. I have all my arguments laid out; now I just need to bulk them up with evidence from my various sources.

I read more of The Book of Not! It's getting very cool. Lots of moral and ethical debates going on, and a really nifty plot development. I'm now ahead in the book from where my teacher is (I think), so that's cool too. Had strings and STAM today as well, but aside from those calsses, I had nothing else, which meant I got a tone of reading done!

Track was really busy again. The school that we go to to train on Tuesdays and Thursdays was really busy because their team was out as well as ours, so there was a lot going on at the track. After this, I had composition tutoring, came home, had some pizza, and watched Being Human. Now, I'm very tired, so I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is Advanced English and Post!

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