March 3, 2014

Day 282

So, my ear infection has gotten worse. Well, not so much as it's just still here, and now my jaw's all achy. It's awful! So, what a great time to play the violin at 8:00 in the morning! Despite my ear infection thing, the Bach Double group thing went very well. I only goofed up a couple times, and I think I kept it to a minimum! Everyone liked it, and my friend who wanted to put the whole thing together really was happy, so that was fun!

I had STAM first, with a really cool substitute who actually knows his math and is engaging! I really like him! He makes the class lively and fun (no offense to the actual teacher, of course). We took a really easy quiz and then did a funny little worksheet. After this, I hung out with some friends of mine, one of whom had his thesis defense today and so was dressed all sharp! I must remember to wear a blazer tomorrow!

In Post, we listened to some '90s music. Dear God, the '90s music. There is a reason that '90s kids are the only ones who remember the '90s; it's because our music sucked and so everyone has just tried to forget it! I was born in '95, so really I was an early 2000s kid by the time I was aware of stuff like that, but still, I do remember that god awful stigma that was Britney Spears, and Spice Girls and the pseudo country thing that came back... and we had to listen to all of this again! Even the grunge wasn't very good (though, hey, it was better than the other stuff). We had a good laugh over it all, and it was really funny to see what people remembered, and even more funny to see our teacher completely out of his element with this. We would suggest a song, and he would try in vein to relate it back to the class in some way, because he had very little idea of what we were all talking about! It was really great, actually.

In Advanced English, we finally finished off all the stories! We ended with two of the strongest writers in the class, so that was awesome! Seriously, one of these stories was super fantastic, and both had just really well-defined and realistic characters. I was super happy to hear from these two's works. Their writing is super strong, and they have a great grasp on realistic dialogue and thought processes. Next time, we workshop our revised drafts in small groups, which is what I think should have been going on the entire time, but whatever.

In strings, we worked more on this new suite we're doing. It's really fun, and I'm glad we're working on another piece besides the Danzas Panama thing, because truth be told, that was getting kind of dull. Track was really busy today because all the middle school track people were out there, and girls lacrosse was also on the field, so things were all everywhere! I tried my hand at keeping time for multiple groups of people. It didn't work out so well. Tomorrow should be easier because we're going off-campus. And I must remember to charge my phone before I leave!

Tomorrow is my defense! Wish me luck; I'm pretty stoked about it!

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