March 2, 2014

Day 281

Well, I hope you all had a lovely time watching the Oscers! I certainly did. I'm super happy that Gravity and Frozen got recognized, and the Oscers make me want to see 12 Years a Slave and Her all the more! So many fantastic movies out last year, and I'm actually so very tempted to create a new Top 10 list of 2013 films, if only to give recognition to Frozen and all the other movies that I didn't get to see last year. But then that wouldn't be fair to those that I did see last year, would it?

I finished my revised draft of my Advanced English story today! Woot! Super happy about that, and I'm happy with how the story turned out. I'm probably going to post it here when it's been edited and revised, but for now, know that I churned out a much more thought-out and developed story than what came before it. I tried to instill theme into the work as much as I could, and really I wanted to make this a character piece. I hope that come Wednesday, I can get some good feedback that'll make it even stronger!

I really want to reread The Book Thief, whichh is my all-time favorite book ever, because I recently listened to the score for the movie (which I haven't seen out of a loyalty to the book). The score, however, is beautiful, and I was pretty sad to see it not win the Oscer for best Original Score, but hey, what can you do? ANyway, I want to reread the book, because I feel the score captures the book's themes and emotions perfectly!

This weeks should be fun! I have a day off on Thursday, and very few classes Tuesday, plus a defense for my thesis, and I'm just so excited! Unfortunately, my left ear's all fucked up because of allergies and now I can't hear right! I hope it's not like this tomorrow morning, because I have to play violin, and I hate it when you can't hear right in the morning. Wish me luck!

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