February 27, 2014

Day 278

It feels like Friday, I'm not gonna lie. Today wasn't bad (and actually it got tremendously better when I got home), but this week now feels very long despite it being rather exciting!

In STAM, we got back our tests (which most of us failed sadly), and we went to the computer lab to play around with the concept of loans. It was a better class than most, and we were also given the go-ahead to get started on gathering our data for our projects. I'm pretty pumped about mine, because it's basically gathering data on women in movies, which ties tangentially into my thesis.

Post was interesting, but somewhat depressing because we talked about the DC Sniper Case. Really fascinating to learn about, but it's also a pretty shitty event, so that kinda set our spirits low. We talked about the evolution of the 24-hour news phenomenon and how it has mow arguably become entertainment. A truly thought-provoking debate, and one that we talked about here a little bit, but I wanted to talk about it more. Sadly, class ended before I could press the issue.

Had Advanced English third. We read two stories, one of which was about this bored Math student who excuses himself to get some fresh air and spots this turtle by the pond and it turns our the turtle can talk, and then the turtle asks for a drag. Yeah! I loved this story and how the author embraced the ridiculousness of her world that she created! It just put a huge smile on my face.

In Strings, we played through some new music which was super awesome, and then us violins stayed to run through the first movement of the Bach Double. It went about as well as one might expect from people who hadn't played it in a long time. One of us hadn't learned it at all and so she was sight-reading the damned thing! I struggled a bit, but I was glad that I had run through it on Tuesday.

Track was very windy and full of blowing dirt! Allergies just need to calm down! I kept time for sprinters this time and booked it out of there as quickly as I could because I didn't want to eat any more dirt than I had to, and made my way over to violin.

Violin lesson was super productive! I started on the Kabolevsky, which is just an awesome piece! Lots of chromatic stuff happening, and I like all the squirmy fingerlings that move you around the fingerboard in very efficient ways. It just sounds so cool and I'm so glad I'm working on it. Also worked more on Csardas, which is getting easier. My false hsrmonics are pretty well in-tune, but my bow control is all messed up. My teacher says I need more power and speed, which has always been a weak point with me.this was a fun lesson though. I'm gonna have such fun with the Kabolevsky, I can already tell!

So, I came home, and what should be waiting for me but The Book of Not, the sequel to Nervous Conditions! I've already started reading this, and already I am hooked! The writing style is much different than in the first book, and everything feels better defined and grounded. And I can already see ideas and seeds of theme establishing themselves, and I'm so happy! I'm going to continue reading this before calling it a night! Tomorrow's Friday! Yay!

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