February 26, 2014

Day 277

Had a very productive day today. Finished up the Gandhi film in Modern History, and I have to say I really liked it a lot. I can see why it won as many accolades as it did, and I thoroughly enjoyed both the film and the work we did alongside it. I loved the scope and the visual elements of the film, and Ben Kingsley was amazing of course. And Martin Sheen made a guest appearance in there, which made the West Wing fans super happy! Next class, we'll talk about how the movie differed from the actual life of Gandhi.

English today was very good. We talked about the end of Nervous Conditions and what we all thought of it. I'm in the process of writing a really crappy first draft of my paper for the unit. It's geting there, but some of my thoughts are not quite seeing the liht of day very well. I'm circling in on what I want to say and struggling to actually say it. It kinda sucks too, because this is pretty much what I did for the rest of the day (this was one of my free afternoon days). By 4:00 it had gotten some shape into it, and I was starting to actually sound more like myself. And that's the thing: it's like the thesis has drained all of my ability to write an academic paper. Hell, we haven't written an English paper since November, so I'm a little out of practice! Nevertheless, Nervous Conditions is still one of my favorite books, and I intend to do it justice with this paper, dammit!

I'm getting caught up on my Person of Interest of late, and it's super great! It's so nice to see them all again after the Olympics (and actually, the episode I just watched involved a faild Olympic athlete, so that's kinda cool). I'm off to bed now. Sorry for the abrupt finish. I kinda got distracted by Amazon! Goodnight, all!

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