February 25, 2014

Day 276

So, I found out today that Dengaremga in all her awesomeness has written a sequel to Nervous Conditions! It has the really badass title of The Book of Not, which is just so awesome, and I'm already intrigued by the title alone! I've already ordered it and it'll be here Thursday or Friday, and I'm so stoked! My teacher said that if I thought this book was good, then the next book will just make my head explode with how awesome it is. I believe it! Cannot wait to start it, and thanks to having a month off of English and History, I'll have ample time to read and it'll be so great!

I discovered all of this today even without having normal English, which I think is pretty funny. I had full free this morning because the strings teacher had sick kids at home. I spent the time reworking my Advanced English story, and I can see it's already better. It makes so much more sense, and I'm giddy at writing the ending I actually wanted in the first place but for some reason didn't write (probably because of time). Speaking of Advanced English, the stories we read in there today were hilarious! One of them was about this homeless man who died but then had a really weird conversation with God and was told to steal money to buy a bike and go to the mountains and live out his life there. The story just reveled in its ridiculousness and it was great!

Ended the day with Post on a pretty depressing note. We looked at Columbine and how messed up that was. We're studying the '90s now, and so we're in for some pretty horrible shit. Just a crapy way to end the day, though it did tie in to the development of the 24-hour news service, which is an interesting development to be sure. After this, I went to track. We went off campus (we now go to another school, one that actually has a track, every Tuesday and Thursday), and I helped time the distance runners with the distance coach. It was pretty fun all things considered. They did twelve 400s! Yeah. Even the hard core distance runners were pretty upset about their coach assigning such a grueling workout. Yet another reason I'm glad I am but the manager of the team.

In composition tutoring, we worked on simplifying my arrangement of the song that we're to perform at the end of the year for graduation. The song is actually deceptively difficult to toggle with everyone's parts in mind, and I'm learning a fair amount of choral writing with this. It's really interesting. Came home and had some pizza. Now I'm off to bed (or Tumblr; haven't decided yet). Goodnight, everyone!

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