February 24, 2014

Day 275

Sorry about the typo in yesterday's post. It's Day 274. Today's 275, so sorry about that! I woke up at around 5:00 for no reason, and I liked awake there for an hour before getting up. As such, today felt extra long and tired. One of my good friends performed a song at our Morning Meeting this morning, and it was really nice. It made a lot of people feel happy; I always like Musical Mondays because they just provide a nice start to your day.

So, I finished Nervous Conditions! This book is, quite frankly, outstanding! The characters are so fully realized and there is just this human element to it that just made me want to weep, because with this book, I now know that writing character-driven books with theme being woven into the characters instead of being a third aspect is entirely possible, and Conditions pulls it off beautifully! I have never read a book quite like this one, and this is definitely going in my top 10 books now (though, that of course means bumping one down, which is always sad).

In Modern History, we watched more of Gandhi. It''s getting much better. I really like the tone of the film, and how it's use of non-violence is actually being questioned now. We finish it up next class I think and then have a writing assignment. Track was pretty uneventful. I read Nervous Conditions during it and also timed the runners.

Might post another review come next weekend, and in these next two weeks, I think the reviews will start coming more frequently thanks to me not having English or History! I don't know why I decided to write that there, but whatever. Anyway, I had AYS after Track. It was alright. My sectional teacher says that as a section we are very good, and that we need very little teaching. This is encouraging news, and with only two sectionals left, I'm curious what we're going to do for at least that last one.

Well, I'm planning to work more on my Advanced English story before heading to bed. Oh, and I found out that George RR Martin is releasing a full history of Westeros in like September or something, and this just makes me super happy!

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