February 23, 2014

Day 274

I had a pretty productive day today. I posted my review of "Masters and Students", which I'm actually really proud of, because I feel like I'm getting in the swing of posting a review every two weeks (watch, now it's gonna just not go anywhere and you guys'll have a drought as bad as September). Anyway, check that out if you want a review geared more towards being funny than doing serious analysis.

The cleaning out of the spare room continued today. We're emptying the second half of the bookshelves, though we didn't get nearly as far as we wanted to. Too much dust, man! It's insane! Shopping on Amazon I have found can really suck up your time like a vacuum, because I must have spent like four hours on there! Jesus! I didn't even buy anything; I just looked at stuff. And the Prime feature is so smug, like it knows it has sucked you in and there is no escape! Mwahahahahaha!

Went out to dinner and read the final third of Chapter Eight for Nervous Conditions! It's denouement is perfectly paced, and the character revelations tie in so seemlessly to the beginning of the book! It's amazing! Seriously, after my Frozen review, I am sitting down and putting my thoughts on Conditions down on paper, because this deserves a stellar review!

Well, I'm off to blog on Tumblr before heading to bed. Oh, and here's a gif of Sarah Michelle Gellar drawing two perfect circles and looking really cute and smug while doing so!

Look at that! Into every generation there is a chosen one, I guess!

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