February 21, 2014

Day 272

This has to be one of the longest three day weeks I have had in my life so far! My God, when the school day ended, I was just exhausted, and it's not like I did a whole lot today. I think what really made this week feel long was that yesterday was pretty cramped and Wednesday was a return to school altogether, os it was jarring. But whatever it was, this was a long week. I'm very glad it's the weekend now.

So, I started the day off with Advanced English. We listened to four stories, most of which were not very good. The people who wrote them were all friends with one another and they're pretty introverted people anyway, so they had a ton of in-jokes and random giggly bits in their stories that satisfied only themselves and very little else. I find that when I critique writing, the chiefest things I look for are character developments and interactions, which isn't surprising (I try to do this as best I can when reviewing Prime). But the second thing I find myself obsessing over in stories is thematic setup and followthrough. This surprised me actually, because I'm not very good at writing themes into my own fiction; I focus more on dialogue and character and plot, but theme doesn't really factor into my own writing. So I find it kind of interesting that I try to find theme and thematic lines in my peers' writing. I don't know. Maybe today was just a theme day or whatever.

I read the first third of Chapter Eight of Nervous Conditions. Y'know, I'm not a literary critique but damn, I so want to do an analysis on this thing! It is just so well-structured, and once again, thematic ties to the beginning are constantly revisited here in the tail end of the book, and they are done well because the themes as well as the characters' views about those themes are turned around due to their development! I just love the character dynamic in this book; the characters are so richly developed and the culture clash and comparisons so unobtrusively laid out that I find myself coming back to this book as a way to write cultural development or comparison fiction really, really well! Read this thing; it's awesome! And who knows, maybe I'll do a review on this because I really want to!

In Post, we had our '80s test! It went pretty well. I couldn't really figure out a concise or accurate definition of Reaganomics (sorry everyone who is a historian ever). Then we talked more about the '90s and Clinton and his presidency. I edited my Advanced English story a little after class, and I'm already liking it a lot better. I have a theme in it! Yay! It was a nice way to end the day, and I came home and had some chowder and biscuits and now I'm a happy person ready for the weekend.

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