February 20, 2014

Day 271

Today was one of those half days where I only had Modern History and English, with the afternoon free, so that was kinda nice. English is really fun because we're analyzing the characters for Nervous Conditions, which is just getting better and better. I read the first of the next two chapters for Monday already because they're long, so I wanted to get one of them out of the way and parcel the other one out over the weekend.. I just love the dynamic between the characters!

In Modern History, we watchedGandhi, and there was a sick guest appearance by Martin Sheen! It was super funny because one of my friends texted me during that and she was like, "oh, look, it's President Bartlett!" And I was all "wow, he's so thin!" The film itself is getting off to a pretty good start. Everything it's trying to say is a little bit on the nose in how it goes about demonstrating Gandhi as being abused and made fun of, but the acting is excellent and I can see the movie picking up speed as we move along (this is going to take three class periods because it's so long).

In the afternoon, I worked on completing my rough draft of the arrangement for Modest Mouse's "Float On". I like it, though I need to double check the ranges on the choral parts, and make sure everything can be read. Also, I am apparently being considered as a candidate for Commencement Speaker! I don't know why anyone would want to listen to me, but whatever. It's a pretty big honor, and I'm flattered that people are throwing my name out there when I can think of twenty people or so who are far more qualified to speak at graduation, but it's still really fun! Also bought the deluxe edition of the Frozen soundtrack! I am so pumped for this! The score is actually really beautiful, even disregarding the songs in the movie. Christophe Beck did a great job!

Violin lesson was pretty short tonight because I had a chess meet right after. I'm working on Czardas some more, and it's super cool! That beginning part though, man... that's just a right arm exercise in hell! The piece itself is awesome and super fun to play, but I hate that opening; it's physically taxing! The chess meet was really good. I played against this person who had a real ball cutting me off and delaying my plans, and we traded some great blows before I checkmated him with a rook and bishop and king! Just a great game. Then my Mom and I ate dinner at iHop because I wanted a Belgian waffle just because!

Super glad tomorrow's Friday! I better get to bed. I have a Post test tomorrow. WIsh me luck!

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