February 19, 2014

Day 270

Back to school today after my long weekend! It was so nice to be back, and what made it even better was that in Post, the test got pushed back to Friday, because I guess so many people forgot about it or thought it was Friday or something and the point is that I have more time to procrastinate and worry about it, so hooray! We covered our overview of the '90s, in which we talked about Clinton, Bush, and the mindset of the '90s and of course cars, because my teacher is a big cars person.

In Advanced English today we read two great student stories, one of which had just really clear yet macabre imagery in it, and the other one was just hilarious and full of realism in terms of how teenagers think and talk (probably because it was written by a teenager), and it was a fun time. During this period, I also got my computer hooked up to the printer at school, so now I can print directly from my computer without having to go through the egregiously slow computers at school! It's so great.

Strings was third. We worked on the fourth movement of the suite we're playing, and the teacher had a hell of a time trying to get the first violins to get these fingerings down into their parts. Apparently they all forgot where their E string was... I don't know what was going on over there! It was pretty funny, though.

In STAM, we started talking about financial statistics and credit versus debit cards. It's only slightly more interesting than what we've been doing, and I once again feel so bad for the teacher, because she's clearly not wanting to do this but she's trying to inject as much interest into the class as possible, and most of us are just ignoring her. I feel like I'm stepping up my game in there, though that could be because everyone else has just quit.

It was super windy at track practice today, so we tried to go inside. We found that the gym was taken already, so we practiced outside anyway, but at least it was in a more sheltered area. I read the last chapter of my assigned reading for Nervous Conditions, and I continue to really just love this book! The character dynamics are really the engine that propels this book forward, and it works out beautifully! I also snagged a copy of The Left Hand of Darkness, which I am so looking forward to reading when I'm not doing English homework. I have two weeks coming up where I don't have English on account of defenses, so I might read it then; who knows.

Piano was more fun. We're getting more into the nitty-gritty stuff. We learned about the G7 chord! Making progress! Returned home and had a lovely conversation with a friend of mine who was sick today, so it was nice to talk to her. Did some more arranging for the graduation song, and now I'm ready for bed. Goodnight everyone.

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