February 18, 2014

Day 269

So, this is a much more comfortable time of night to be blogging. Sorry about yesterday; I was extremely tired and in a bit of a rush to get that one out before the time ran out, so that's why that one was so short. This one's looking to be short too, because I didn't do a whole lot today.

I woke up early and arranged a piece for graduation. It's pretty rough, but I took it to my composition tutor, and he helped me work on what I should be doing with everything, so that was nice. I'm going to bring it back to him next week to see if he has any suggestions on string parts. Also, I read more of Nervous Conditions. I'm really loving that book! The character dynamics between Tambu and Nyasha are continuing to be presented excellently, and I am loving how the two compliment one another's lifestyle while also challenging it.

My Mom came home and we went to stand in line for I kid you not forty-five solid minutes in the hot sun before finally getting to the entrance of the social security building, and then having to sit there for what must have been another fifteen... all so that we could be told that our money was transferred to the bank already and I'm just so done with this thing I'm not going to talk about it. Moving on.

I love musicnotes.com! That site has like so many great arrangements of film scores and pop songs and a whole bunch of stuff for really cheap prices! I bought a great piano reduction of "For the First Time in Forever" there, and it is just so awesome to see what the orchestra does in that song, because that's a great piece and I like having it. Well, I have school tomorrow, and piano after that. Better get to sleep. Goodnight, all!

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