February 16, 2014

Day 267

Okay, so admittedly, we only made it through three movies, but the sleepover was still super cool! We watched Elysium, and then Tangled, and finished with The Lion King. I was super sleepy after that, so I went to bed, and then I guess Aaron woke up at around four after taking a nap and headed off to bed too. Woke up, had a yummy breakfast, and headed home. It was a nice belated birthday celebration, and I really enjoyed the movie marathon!

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that upon returning home, I wrote a little Mini-View on Tangled! I love that movie a lot! Also, my Mom and I began are ridiculous project of moving all the books out of the spare room so that we can take out the shelving in there so we can pain it. It's going crazy because our hallway is now lined with piles and piles of books! Most are my Dad's, lots of science and history books, some really interesting women's studies history books, and a few fiction books sprinkled within. Just a huge project to be taking on, and we're doing this now in the hopes that in three months when my grandparents come and stay with us to see me graduate, the spare room will be painted and all the books will be back on their shelves! That's a tight deadline because we are super lazy people, see.

Read Chapter Four of Nervous Conditions, and I'm really loving this book now! The main character is very compelling, and I love how alien she feels in her environment. Practiced violin a little bit today, and also worked a little bit on my thesis... and by that I mean I just read through it again, because I feel like I should work on it, but I also don't want to work on it because my readers are reading it, and I need fresh eyes to read this thing. It's a weird experience!

Went out to dinner per Sunday usual, and am now just running around Tumblr. Found this hilarious audio post linked here! Listen with headphones if your parents are around; you'll burst out laughing! I really want to watch Frozen again, so I might do that, or watch the audio commentary on Tangled... I don't know! I'm still kinda on a Disney high. Goodnight everyone!

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