February 14, 2014

Day 265

Happy Valentine's Day.

Finally Friday! I took this ridiculous STAM test this morning that just completely messed up my mood for like half the day! Seriously, I don't know what is up with the quizzes versus the tests in this class, but it's ridiculous, because I do very well on the quizzes and then when the test comes I'm like "oh, shit! I don't know what's going on!" Like, who does that?! Why does that happen?! And I talked to some friends of mine who are in that class and they all feel the same way: this test in particular was really freaking hard for everyone! We better do test corrections; this is just impossible!

So, to cheer me up, I had Post next, and we watched '80s music videos! That's always fun. I also got two roses. One from a friend of mine who is hilarious, and one from an anonymous person! That's exciting. I'm super curious as to who the person is, because I want to thank them and I'm really happy about this. The class was fun too because my junior history teacher came in and started dancing because she knew all the moves to the videos and it was so great! To top it all off, after class Aaron found this post that my Mom posted on Facebook, and it was this giant rant about FAFSA and the CSS Profile and how stupid they are, and it was just so funny! (I'd post a link to it, but I don't have Facebook, so I can't get to it; sorry.) That was pretty funny to read. My favorite line was "Why don't we just get our financial information from the NSA or Target?" Hahahahahaha! That's hilarious!!!

Advanced English was fun. We read two students' stories! One of them was really good. It had thematic followthrough and was just really well-written. It engaged your brain and just made you think about all the imagery that the story conveyed, and it was awesome. The other one was pretty good too. I love that my class is so talented!

Finished off the day with strings. We switched things up and had fellow classmates conduct while our teacher sat in for them while they did so, and it was super fun! One of the people just kinda went along with what we were doing to the point where she literally just waved her arms in circles, and at the end got so far off the beat that she actually ended up doing her down beats backwards as up beats (the piece was conducted in 2), and it was so great! Another student faired better; he actually kept the beat, but conducted backwards from the outset, so we had to stop and correct him. It was pretty funny.

Found out today that Ellen Page came out while giving this great emotional speech! See it here! I just think the world needs more people like her, because she's awesome! And she played Kitty Pride in the X-Men movie that didn't happen except for her parts, and was in Inception, which is just default awesome!

Came home and watched Olympus Has Fallen on Netflix, because why the hell not? It's a crap movie, but like Star Trek: Into Darkness, it's well-done crap. Unlike Into Darkness, Fallen recognizes itself for what it is, and it doesn't try to hide behind marketing and previous installments. The two films do have another thing in common: the first third of both films is just really well done (for different reasons, obviously). The White House attack scene is really ridiculous, but it does drive home the massacre's emotional punch to the nation.

So, I have four days off, and nothing school related to do over the course of my short vacation save for reading Nervous Conditions, which should be fine. I'm not sure what to review next. I do want to return to Season One of Prime, but I don't know which episode to do! Suggestions welcome in the comments below.

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