February 12, 2014

Day 263

Had a pretty fun day today.Track is becoming more enjoyable, probably because today there was a coach there and I brought stuff to do, and it was a relatively short workout for the runners. I studied for my Hisory test which I'm taking tomorrow. Pretty nervous for it, though I don't know why; it's open book and open note, so I really don't have much to worry about (though this could mean the questions are super specific because we have our notes).

In Post, we discussed the war on drugs in the '80s, and then watched an episode of The Cosby Show, which I actually really enjoyed. It has that hint of modern intelligent humor while still keeping things '50s olds school, y'know? I'm hoping that when we get to '90s TV, our teacher will show the opening credits to Buffy, if only to please myself and the four other Buffy fans in the room!

Advanced English was pretty funny today. We read more student stories, and our teacher read them to us. He did these really funny voices and combined with one of the writers injecting her own commentary and brainstorming into her story at times, it made for a very comedic hour! I just love that we're reading each others' stories and getting constructive feedback. It's certainly more entertaining than staring at a screen in the dark like we did for our play unit. This feels less confined, and because there's a story in prose, we have to pay attention and follow along, which  is good.

In STAM, we prepped a little for our test on Friday. I have all my work turned in in that class for right now, and I'm hoping to keep that up. I'd like to think I'm a good student when it comes to this class, but really this class is the class where I put the least amount of energy in. It was apparent to me that the teacher was losing interest in the class as well, as she seemed very uncaring about what she was teaching... because I think she was starting to realize that very few of us care about what's going on. This made me sad, because I do love ot learn, and it's just so insulting when students don't pay attention to the teacher and certainly insulting when they are visibly and verbally uncaring about the cals, which happens very often in STAM. I'm just very sorry for the teacher, and I'm making a concerted effort to pay attention and absorb the information she's trying to teach us.

I had Piano Class tonight. We talked a little bit about the very beginnings of music theory. This is where I'm really starting to pay attention, as my knowledge and understanding of music theory is very limited, and I tend to operate very much on instinct when composing, so this will be a good introductory course for that and along with my comp tutoring on Tuesdays', I think I will build a solid foundation for further study should I choose to take that up.

Well, after returning home from that, my Mom tried to wrestle with her computer to update the Mac software so that her taxes software could run properly... but then it turned out that what had been stopping her for the last three hours was the step of dragging the icon of her tax software into the applications folder! Yeah, needless to say, I just burst out laughing! Always willing to end the day on a laughing note, I'm headed off to bed now. Goodnight!

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