February 11, 2014

Day 262

I feel like a great weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! All this work, all this analysis, all tis thinking and over thinking and struggling and toils and cobbled together ideas and expanding on half-baked theories that turned into actual ideas and learning so much about culture and gender studies and Buffy and all of this, and basically after all of this... what I'm trying to say, is my thesis has been turned in, and I am all happy and smiles!

Yes! It finally happened! Hard to believe a year ago, I was bouncing ideas around in my head and I jokingly suggested to my Mom and that I write an essay on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and she latched on to that idea and said for me to roll with that! So, I did, and here I am with a thirty two page rough draft turned in and it's honestly just so refreshing to not have have to worry about such a huge project for a good two weeks!

Turned a copy in to my outside reader too. He was very pleased, and said that he looked forward to reading it, and given that he's a sixth grade teacher, and knowing the kind of work I crapped out during my sixth grade year, I'm sure he'll be so pleased to get away from those five page essays the writers of whom think are so smart but are actually really, really dumb! Or maybe the sixth grade writing level has progressed since I was in there, I don't know.

Other than this, I didn't have a whole lot going on today. Track practice was a little more eventful than yesterday since none of the coaches showed up, so we kinda had to do our own thing. I say we; really, it was the track team that had to do their own thing. I just watched and carried equipment around. I preordered the Frozen DVD with my free 30 day trial of AmazonPrime, which is nice, and I had a very intellectualy stimulating conversation with my composition tutor about teaching in schools and opinions and structures of arguments and such. Really fun afternoon, actually!

Well, I'm super happy to have turned in my thesis. I guess I'll have to figure out what to work on for the next two weeks or so! It feels like Wednesday, I don't know why... Well, goodnight, everyone! Tomorrow should be fun because I get to read more student stories in Advanced English! Woot!

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