February 9, 2014

Day 260

Had a day of errands today. Went to the comic book store and picked me up some Superior Spider-Man, Dark Cybertron, and an Iron Man! My Mom also got the first issue of the Serenity comic that Zack Whedon is doing, and it looks pretty good. We both lamented that the comics just aren't the same as the tv show and it's just kinda sad!

Went to Staples to get my new AYS music copied and enlarged. Also got some superglue and some boxes. I love that when I got home, I had to taps all my music together to make the booklet music so that I didn't have a bunch of loose paper flying around. So I did this in the most egregious way possible and just slapped a bunch of tape onto all the pages to create this precarious taps spine on all of my music and it's really funny!

Watched some Olympics and then got to work really beafing out my thesis! Got a couple more great ideas into the paper and I now have 28 whole pages! Not bad. It's a little messy, so hopefully I'll be able to clean it up before turning it in.

Tomorrow I have my first day as track manager. Should be interesting! I am unsure of what to review next. I do want to take a look at the Season Two finale, but having just come off a pretty big arc, I kinda want to take a break and just do a bottle show. I don't know. If you guys have suggestions, leave a comment.

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