February 6, 2014

Day 257

Had a two-hour delay today! That was great, but I guess my brain didn't get out of bed with the rest of my body, because I got dressed and headed out the door... with two different shoes on my feet! I'm serious! And I didn't even notice until a friend pointed it out. One of my teachers noticed too, but he said he wasn't going to say anything because he thought that I had done this on purpose! Nope! Sorry, I have zero fashion sense when it comes to footwear and customizability. Just mixed up my shoes, which is odd, because these were sneakers, so you'd think that while tying them, I'd have noticed. Again, no. Happens to the best of us, I suppose, but that was the running gag today, and everyone laughed, and I laughed because I realized just how stupid I must have looked and it was pretty funny.

Well, because of the two-hour delay, I did not have Advanced English, which means that I now have time to spruce up my ending, namely by writing another one that actually makes sense! Also, I really only had two classes today, STAM and Post, so it was a relaxing day for me. In Post, we finished up Red Dawn, which my God is so bad but hilariously so!I just love how they try to inject emotion into the vacuous no-characters that are presented on screen and how they just fail miserably!

I used the spare time I had in the day to work on my thesis. There's this really interesting essay I read about Buffy and how she controls anger, and then my Mom made the point that she controls anger because it would be "unladylike" to let your anger out! Really interesting insight into Buffy's character,that while she may be progressive, she is only so to a point that would be comfortable to her character. Then, the essay talked about Faith and how she relishes anger, and I really want to include this in my thesis, because I think this is such a cool analysis on an integral part of both characters!

Mom picked me up from school early (with the other shoe to one of the pairs so that my feet could be matching and happy) and we went to my violin lesson. It was mostly prep for the concert tomorrow. I think I've got it down, just a little nervous about where to come in. Hard to count triplets and duples at the same time for me. After this, we went of to the chess meet. I lost, but I really liked how my opponent played. He restricted my movement and manipulated my pieces so that they could no longer work together; I've never really played a game like this before. I'm sure it's common in higher chess tournaments and stuff, but for me, this was a new experience.

I might post a review this weekend. I really want to put up more content on the site, and today's other post was something that I really liked doing, so who knows. Maybe there'll be more stuff coming out!

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