February 5, 2014

Day 256

Sometimes I hate writing. Don't get me wrong, I think writing's great, and I enjoy it for the most part. But then there are the times where you're stuck and you just don't know what to do, and so you push yourself past that point and churn out something God awful just to be done with the first draft of whatever it is you happen to be writing. Well, that's what happened finally with my Advanced English story, which got of to a pretty good start, then really picked up in the middle in terms of the enjoyment I got out of writing it, and then plummeted so steeply that it felt like I was writing a completely different story altogether. The ending of this thing is crap, but I'm hoping that peer editing will allow me to fix it.

Speaking of shitty first drafts (Anne Lamott's words, not mine), I took my English Blue Book test today! I'm so happy to be done with The Plague unit along with the Leopold unit. I feel like this is an apt metaphor for school: like, you start off, and you really enjoy it, and then it gets super depressing, but you still find it kinda fascinating, and then it ends and you're just like "thank God that's over!" That's how I feel about these units in general. My essay was really wandering, pandering, and connected together just enough to where I think it'll work. Not my best work by far, but I find that I'm becoming more comfortable writing in the moment than I a used to be. Writing by hand too takes a lot out of me. I was one of the last ones to finish, and I think I did an okay job.

In History, we discussed the final reading of the book and had a terrible quiz on it. I feel like I'm not reading carefully enough, because these quizzes are deceptively difficult. There just these simple questions that force you to think so hard about these minor details! I hate it. Anyway, after that, we talked about our upcoming thesis defenses. We were also told that now would be a good time to start thinking about how we would structure our Colloquium presentations in May! That just put me on edge, because now I'm stressed about getting all of my ideas into my thesis and into a twenty minute presentation! Argh! I hate stress!!!

It began snowing at around lunch time and continued to do so well into the afternoon. When my Mom came to pick me up,the snow was sticking to the ground. To make the evening even more interesting, our car had a flat tire, so we had to call Triple A and have them come put a new one on. My Mom scheduled an appointment with the tire people tomorrow. Also, two-hour delay tomorrow! That's so great, though it also means my rush to finish my Advanced English story was for naught, beause we're missing that clss! Oh well. Gives me a chance to revise it and maybe think about it a little more.

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