February 3, 2014

Day 254

Had a pretty good day today! I'm very glad I didn't have AYS tonight, and it was nice to have the night off for once. History began the day, and we talked about Leopold's Ghost before being given time to read the final two chapters of the book. I'm pretty glad we're finishing it now; it's been a very depressing journey, and coupled with The Plague, yeah, this is a very low month emotionally for us Seniors!

Strings came next. We practiced our piece for tomorrow's Morning Meeting performance for the Mexican Exchange students, whose flight came in today finally! That must have sucked to be stuck because of delays for days, and to make things worse, the poor people don't even know where their luggage is because the airline has it all in transit because they got delayed after having a layover! Yeah, it's a pretty crappy situation! Anyway, the students themselves are here, and we'll be playing for them tomorrow, so that should be fun.

English was third block. We talked about a reading of The Plague that I don't particularly agree with, and this led to some friction between myself and the teacher, though having talked to other students today, the teacher seemed like she was having kind of a shit day, because she lashed out verbally at both me and another student who were just presenting different readings of the book. Still makes me sad that I offended her in some way, but I guess differing opinions can do that to you!

No AYS tonight, but my composition tutoring was moved to tonight because the tutor has a concert he's going to tomorrow, and I have a violin rehearsal for a concert Friday, so I have that going on tomorrow too. It's funny that even with my Monday off, the week still manages to pile on all this music stuff after school! Not complaining, just noticing the funny. Comp tutoring was pretty fun tonight. We did some piano stuff before jumping into analyzing my first string quartet, which was neat. I like that I'm doing all this stuff with the music but I don't really know how it works yet. Intuition is my guide in writing music, but I must have a good sense of what works, because my tutor is all like "whoa, Luke! You did the fifth of the fifth and then you got back to your root by going to the subdominant of the sixth of..." and I'm just over here like "yeah, I just did what sounded good"!

Came home and with my night off I watched some Torchwood and a little bit of Buffy because thesis stuff is awesome! Now eating cookies and mapping out my review of "Out of the Past", because nothing says like night off like doing work! It's a labor of love, I assure you.

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