January 31, 2014

Day 251

It is Friday at long last! I don't know about the rest of you, but this week for me went by so slowly! I can't believe that it was just four days ago that I was in AYS doing scrambled orchestra, or that my piano class was only this Wednesday. It just seems so long ago, which is odd, because I didn't have nearly as much stuff going on this week than I did last week, though I suppose that's the reason why it felt so long, was because there wasn't a constant next thing to be done, y'know?

Anyway, it was a good end to the week, I think. I had Advanced English, which was pretty fun. We wrote a story from a prompt and read some short stories, and I got to work on my story for next week in class a little too. The prompt was really interesting for the in-class story. It was something like write about you having a chance encounter with someone whom you have not seen in ten years. That was cool, because I got to imagine my future self meeting someone who I know now, and that was interesting.

In Post, we learned about the Iran-Contra Affair. Man, I think the United States is as close to a real life version of the Romulan Star Empire as we're ever going to get, because my God, we just love to sit back and pull the strings! Crazy stuff happened here (I'm sure you know about it; I'm not going to repeat it), and it was pretty fun to learn about. And then, just for kicks, we watched the crazy anchor man reporting the Reagan assassination attempt. Still one of the best reactions ever!

Had a really short strings class for some reason, but we got to play our piece one time through for Monday. I still think we should play the other one, but this one's okay. It's a gypsy tune, so that's fun. After this, I read for a little bit, had a pretty funny conversation with some friends of mine, and then went home. Now I'm really tired and dreading the weekend, because it's going to be spent doing things with AYS, and I am not looking forward to it.

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