January 30, 2014

Day 250

I had a really great day today! Paid a bunch of people bunch of compliments, which made me feel super good about myself, because doing something nice for other people illicit happy emotions in me.

Modern History was fun. We watched a documentary about how the Zulu tribe in Africa kicked the British army's butt and it was great, because towards the end, they started talking about how the Zulu were all high when they did this. Naturally, I made the conclusion that to beat the British, you only need to get high on mushrooms, and the rest of the class agreed, because it was just so ridiculous! My teacher tried to explain that what they did back then is kinda like what we do with coffee to wake up in the morning, but the way he phrased it was great. He said "I self-medicate myself before class with caffeine and coke," and the whole lass was silent for a minute, and then he had to clarify that it was Coca Cola that he was talking about, not cocaine! It was actually really great!

Well, after that peak into a teacher's mind I'm sure we've all wondered about, English came, and we analyzed the final portions of The Plague. I have to say, I really like the ending to this book. It provides a glimmer of hope in the final pages, and the human condition is once again brought to the forefront, and it's very nice. I liked the book overall, but it did get a little tedious and preachy at times. My teacher was in full English class analyzing mode, so when she said at the end that she had tunnel vision, we were all like "ooh, is that a metaphor for something?" Yeah... was everyone here just really stoned today, because this was a weird beginning to my day.

In Strings we took a picture, and then the teacher revealed that we would be playing at Monday's morning meeting, and we were pretty startled by that. And so, wehn we ran though the piece that we were scheduled to perform, the teacher scrappped that, and now we're doing this easier piece that  is far less exciting and less challenging, and it just kinda sucks. I don't know. We're playing for my school's Mexican Exchange visiting students, and the piece that we were going to play before we got rid of it for no reason was perfect for them! Now we're doing this weird tnago thing.

Added a lot more detail to my Advanced English story after class today. I'm trying to make it more personal and less description-y. I don't know how I'm going to end it, because I can see it going in one of two directions, both of which would probably take up another six pages, and I really don't want to write that. But whatever, I'm sure inspiration will strike me.

Had my violin lesson tonight. It was good. My teacher gave me some pieces to listen to, and we worked on the Mozart again. I'm getting to be kinda sick of it, but I still enjoy it. I'm learning to refine my technique, and this whole piece has taught me a lot about bow control. Very interesting! When I came home, I did my English reading homework, and also took a glance at Quantum Man by Lawrence M. Krauss, a book I started in 9th grade and never finished. It's about Richard Feynman, and it's super interesting! Also read more of Ice and Fire, so that was cool.

Well, I'm off to bed! Goodnight everyone.

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