January 29, 2014

Day 249

I can feel the weeks getting longer already! It is only Wednesday, and I'm already bginning to feel the strain of the week's activities and thinking about this weekend is not helping. Tonight was the first night in a long time where I ate at home with a home-cooked meal in front of me. Not because my Mom hates to cook (she does), but because I've just had so much stuff going on that time does not allow me to be at home before dark, able to eat dinner. Not trying to go for the pity points here, I'm just saying that I just reflected on how busy I am that I was surprised by the fact that dinner was not being given to me in a bag. Just something for me to chew on as I go about writing this post.

Today started off actually really nice with STAM. We filled out a sheet that asked us what our projects were going to be and how we were going to go about doing them. Mine is turning out to be analyzing the statistical data of the ratio of women in the director's chair and writing room to the frequency of the female lead on screen and how effective she is as a character (not talking about guys all the time, interacting with fellow women, etc). Should be pretty fun, and I can relate it to my thesis. It would also be interesting to see if the female character is portrayed any differently when a woman is writing her than if a man is, whether or not that deepens the character or makes her more realistic, or if the writer's gender doesn't matter and the character just turns out to be a stereotype anyway.

Post was really fun too. We talked about Ronald Reagan and his presidency. Bringing back the Cold War and spending a huge amount on weapons and defense and how that whole thing got started. We also saw how witty he was with the press and to the nation. Very interesting to me to see how the different presidents regard or interpret their job of running an entire country. We also watched the new report about Reagan's assassination attempt, and the news and the influence of it back then was just so different from what it is now. No advertisements on the bottom, nothing going on on the screen besides the news person and the footage of the attempt. Speculation is starting to creep in, but it's still early stage stuff. Pretty interesting stuff here.

Worked on my Advanced English story a little it, and handed in my first one with revisions. Advanced English wasn't very eventful today; we helped our teacher put together these packets for a poetry slam going on during an interlude period my school has during the day. Didn't really do much else, but it was fun. Also got into a great Disney geek discussion with some friends of mine about Tangled and Frozen. Super awesome! We got out early, so I continued to work on the bigger story and also glance at some thesis stuff. Read more of Leopold's Ghost and studied for an English quiz tomorrow.

Had my second class of piano tonight. This one was better than last week's because we started getting into more familiar territory with reading music and intervals. Actually, the way the teacher taught us intervals was really fascinating. His teaching style and the way he thought about these things was really fun to watch. I loved that he emphasized patterns in music and how intervals are all about pattern. And this is only the second class where no one in there except for me knows about music theory or harmony or whatever, and already he's introducing us to it. So cool! The way he looked at the connection between note and patterns was cool, and I think I'm going to be enjoying this class more as an observational exercise on how the class is taught. That is until we get into more interesting stuff with the music and learning about the piano.

Pretty tired now. I fell asleep in the middle of my chapter of A Feast For Crows, so I'm going back and reading it tonight. Tomorrow should be a fun day. Certainly the lightest of them this week in terms of after school commitments.

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