January 26, 2014

Day 246

Had a bit of a lazy day today as I woke up at around noon. Something awesome happened yesterday actually after I posted on here. I was on Tumblr, and I reblogged a whole bunch of pictures and videos of Lindsey Stirling because I hadn't checked out her stuff in a while, and I found some great videos of her playing live. She's gotten so much better with her contact point and bow technique while moving around all over the place. Anyway, I went on to Twitter at the same time because I was all connected to the web, right? And so I go on there and I have the Frozen soundtrack running through my head, so I shoot this tweet out to Lindsey:

And I'm like, "okay, that's cool. She never responds to anything I put out there, but a man can dream, right?" Well, apparently at that moment, she wasn't doing anything, so she just up and responded with this:

And now I'm like "holy shit! She just responded to me on Twitter!" Like, that's so cool! I never get responses from celebrities, and to get one from Lindsey was amazing! I wonder if she remembers me from two years ago! Probably not. But I just thought that was super fun, and really made my night all happy especially after me having blogged all those Lindsey pics and videos!

Anyway, today was okay. I wrote out a good chunk of my short story for my Advanced English class today. It's very Ice and Fire inspired, with sweeping descriptions and character introspections. I got to have a lot of fun with this one, but like the playwriting unit, the teacher isn't really giving us guidelines which I think is a real shame. As Nick Myer saiys, "art thrives on limitations", and so I feel that to give us this much freedom actually means that we're not able to produce anything of value. Certainly for me, I've been struggling trying to come up with a story idea and characters for a good three days now. I suspect similar things are happening with my classmates. But, I wrote out this story, or part of it anyway, and I think it's coming along okay.

Worked a little bit on my thesis, tweaking bits of it here and there. I think the draft is pretty much done. I'm so excited to hand it in and to get feedback from my primary reader, and to hear what my primary and secondary reader have to say about it together at my defense. I was reading over some of my sources for my thesis too, and I discovered this whole other section of analysis that I could do on the show, but I don't really know where to put it.

Went to dinner pretty early and came back and practiced the violin. Sstill working on the Mozart, because I want to play that for an upcomin concert. Also practiced my AYS music because tomorrow is scrambled orchestra. So, pretty lazy day, but still a happy one. Probably going to spend some time on Tumblr before I hit the hay. Goodnight, everyone.

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