January 25, 2014

Day 245

So, first off, I'd like to apologize for not posting yesterday's blog post until this morning. My phone I guess didn't connect to my ridiculously slow wifi when I set this to post, so I had to do it this morning. Sorry about that. Secondly, I posted my penultimate T-Arc follow-up review thing... I guess I need a better name for this project. Anyway, here's the link to my review of "Hurt". I've had some weird lapses in memory with this one; I forgot to post this with the picture in the beginning, and had to go back and put in all the links, and I had a hell of a time getting the Read More section to fit in with the rest of the line breaks... all of it's fixed now (hopefully), but it was still kind of a pain.

Ran some errands today. Went to the bank and deposited some checks, went to the comic book store, got some food, and then had my blood drawn. That last one was a doozy! I don't like needles, and apparently, my blood didn't like being sucked out my right arm, so they had to do the whole thing all over again on my left arm! It was horrible! Also dropped off the glass recycling. That was nasty business!

Came home and I read more of Leopold's Ghost! This chapter was just so horrible! It actually started out okay, talking about Stanley's wedding and Shepherd's Congo exploration and good natured attitude, but then it moved into the exploitation of rubber and just the barbaric things the Europeans did to the Africans who worked to collect this shit! They cut off their hands and shot bullets through their ears! Just so messed up! Really made me feel uncomfortable. Ugh! God. Well, after that reading, I went out to eat... didn't have much of an appetite of course, but ate anyway.

Actually, we ate at this really good restaurant that had this really great noodle soup! I had shrimp and egg roll noodle soup, and it was fantastic! The restaurant was also this packed area, but everyone was so happy and it just projected this air of welcome and kindness. Very good food. Came home and now going to read more of Feast for Crows to get the horrible taste of Ghost out of my mouth. Nothing like reading about Cersei's evil machinations and incestuous flings with Jaime to help bring hope back into the world after reading about chopped hands and severed heads!

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