January 23, 2014

Day 243

Okay, so I'm in a really good mood today! I think what started it off was that I got my rough draft of my Advanced English short story done today! Then, I got my audition recordings back on CD, and am now ready to mail them off! Got them all primed and ready, and made sure everything was all set. Going to have my Mom mail them off tomorrow! Super excited! Lastly, I had a chess meet tonight, and I won against a fairly even opponent! Cool! I always like it when I win, especially when it's a neck-and-neck game! So yeah, today was fun overall, but that's just a broad overview. Let's delve in to see what made the day work for me!

So, I started the day with Advanced English, and as I said, I got my rough draft for my short story done in there this morning. That's due next Monday, so this is good. I enjoyed writing it, and I enjoyed cutting stuff out of it even more (it had to be three pages maximum). I found the process interesting, because as someone who loves to embellish his stories, I tend to drag out descriptions and scenes for far longer than they need to be. So I liked cutting this down to the bare essentials and seeing what I was saying beneath all that fluff and spectacle.

I had a free next, and that's when I got my recordings back. I didn't actually do anything with them until tonight, but I was still happy to get them back. I'm so glad that those auditions are over! This week has gone by so slowly; it's incredible just how much stuff went on this week, and the auditions just kind of cemented that fact for me in my brain. I worked a little more on my thesis outline, cutting that down to turn it into an actual outline (since before it was basically my paper in bullet-point form... I mean with like all the full paragraphs stuff in it instead of succinct bullets of ideas). Also read the next chapter for tomorrow's History class of King Leopold's Ghost. This one I found kind of boggy. I don't know. The pace just felt kind of flat this chapter, and I think part of that was because it related what was going on in Africa and the Congo in the 1880s and '90s to the Holocaust, and so it felt very heavy... I mean, the whole book feels weighted, but this added an extra depth to that that made the reading experience a little tougher. Very effective, but not as page-turning as before.

In Post today we watched some '70s TV! That was fun! I loved how campy some of the shows were, but then we saw the episode of All in the Family, the one where they meet Sammy Davis Jr. It was pretty jarring, just hearing the language and how they talked to one another, of course the racism on display and the sexism too... still funny, especially when Davis Jr. just puts the smackdown on Archie, but a little uncomfortable to watch. We also watched a clip from The Six-Million Dollar Man, which... dear God, that show was just horrible. It's almost so bad it's good, but Jesus, is it bad! The purpose of the class of course was to expose us to the mindset of '70s television, how it was beginning to move in the direction that we now recognize as television, and it was very fun to watch these shows.

Had an early violin lesson today so as to make it back over to my school for the chess meet. We worked on the Mozart a little because I want to play it at an upcoming concert, and we tossed around some ideas about what to work on after that. I'm intrigued at this Beethoven Spring Sonata; that sounds fun! I don't know. Anyway, that was a good lesson, and then the chess meet happened. Y'know, as someone who regularly loses at these events, I feel pretty proud of myself for winning, but also playing a pretty smart game and against someone who was about on my level of skill, maybe slightly lower. Very nice ending to my day.

Came home (finally after like thirteen hours away from the house), and burned the two pieces to another CD with my violin concerto from December to be sent in for my music audition. Also received my Transformers Prime Gaia Unicron figure, which means I'm only one figure away from having the complete Transformers Prime television show cast as action figures! So excited!

Long day at the tail end of a long week! Ready to read some Feast for Crows before calling it a night! Goodnight everyone! Tomorrow's Friday (thank God), and I only have to worry about school tomorrow and nothing else for once this week!

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