January 22, 2014

Day 242

Pretty good day today! Ir actually started out pretty depressingly, because in Enfglish, my class decided to watch all of a Holocost documentary film when we were only planning on watching the first few minutes. The imagery was just completely messed up. What a horrible way to start the morning.

But then I had Modern History next... and we talked about King Leopold and the Congo. So, not much better here in terms of uplifting subjects! But it was all so fascinating, just the political interplay and manipulations that Leopold did, and how everyone later was just fighting over Africa. Just very jarring and also fascinating to me.

After that, I worked on my thesis a little bit before meeting with my outside reader. He and I talked and he helped calm me down and to not worry and that I was in good shape. He also gave ms some very good ideas about how to word some of my thoughts and now I'm all happy about my thesis again!

Then came the big music audition recordings! God, this had me freaking out, and at one point I wanted to cry and just give up because I was on like my tenth take with this stupid concerto and it just wasn't going well! Then I got my shit together and spliced up some stuff and it turned out okay. And the second piece I did only took two tries! I'm so glad to have that over with. I was there from 3:30 to 5! Yeah!

First piano class tonight! Because I didn't have enough musical stuff going on; needed to make sure my week was full of it save for Fridays! This class is very basic beginning material, but it's good for me to go back and refine my technique. At the end of the class in the last like five minutes we finally got around to playing a broken C chord... again at the end of the class! I'm sure it'll pick up pace very quickly, though, so I'm liking it!

Came home and now off to bed. Tomorrow is another big day because I have a chess meet! Wish me luck!

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