January 21, 2014

Day 241

It was great to be back at school today! Had Post first. We listened to more '70s music! Some David Bowie and Pink Floyd, which is totally dope, and we also discussed some of the counter culture stuff that was happening then too. Some of us brought Rubix Cubes into class today, and our teacher said we'd talk about those when we cover the '80s, because those were I guess all the rage back then.

Advanced English was fun too. We had an activity where we wrote a short story with every sentence beginning with the following letter of the alphabet, with the first sentence starting with A and working our way up to Z. Plus, one of our sentences in this story had to be 100 or more words long! Yikes! Well, that was cool, because I wrote about this boy who was walking on a beach and who was lamenting killing all of his classmates accidentally because he was trying to defuse a bomb. I'm not damaged, I swear!

Strings was okay. My teacher wrote and sent off my rec letter to Willamette so that was nice. I thank her for doing that. Oh, and just as a side note, I got in to the University of Portland! Woot! I'm three for three! That's great. And I worked more on my thesis a little bit today. I have a meeting with my outside reader tomorrow, and audition recordings tomorrow, and my piano class starts tomorrow (which I'm so looking forward to)... man, I got a lot of shit on my plate!

Since the chess meet was moved to Thursday, I went to comp tutoring tonight with none of my stuff because I didn't realize until I got to school that there wouldn't be a chess meet tonight. So, my tutor and I did some basic piano stuff to prep me for tomorrow (though based on what the class is for, I'm already way ahead of where it's going to be starting off at), and discussed some theory. I was pretty fried after that, and now I'm home, ready for bed. Read the last chapter for tomorrow's reading of Leopold's Ghost! Really sad, but still very interesting! Looking forward to where it goes from here (and yes, I realize I can just google all this stuff, but I like this history book, dammit!) So, anyway, goodnight, all. I'm having quite an eventful day tomorrow!

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