January 17, 2014

Day 237

Finally Friday! This week feels like it's gone by so quickly! Unfortunately, I'm still sick, though on the bright side, I just finished watching The Princess Bride, which just makes me so happy every time I watch it! I've spent the better part of today working on my thesis, getting my thoughts on Buffy down on paper and trying to figure out the order of stuff and what to actually include and not include in the vast list of things I can talk about in a character study of Buffy Summers. Pretty cool paper so far, I look forward to working more on it over the weekend!

So, today's my last day of being 18! That's pretty crazy! Aaron and I are having our annual birthday celebration in February due to our various schedules not meeting up until then, but suffice it to say, we're both pretty stoked about our birthdays this year! We're planning on a Disney marathon and that can now include Marvel and Star Wars, so that's pretty kick-ass!

In History today we watched this hilarious documentary simply entitled "The Worst Jobs in the World"! Yeah, that should tell you right there how funny and disgusting and egregious this show is! Basically, it had this guy go around and look at the jobs that people had in the 19th century during the Industrial Revolution, and needless to say, if you had any of these jobs, your life kinda sucked! I found the soap-making and match-making and mining to be of particular note simply because of how nasty they were. My teacher told me at the end of the day that as a joke he said that we should make our own soap from roadkill. Yeah, that's like to get him fired! It'd be pretty funny though if some visiting students came by our classroom and saw us cleaning off the bones of animals, the families staring on in horror as we work tediously away!

I'm very glad it's the weekend, and a long weekend for us, and that means sleeping in and doing nothing productive on Monday (and no, AYS does not count as productive because that would imply some actual work and competence was being put on display during the tedium that is that organization). Anyway, pretty tired now, still sick, and am going to bed pretty soon. Tomorrow's my birthday! Super pumped!

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