January 16, 2014

Day 236

I'm pretty doped up on nyquil right now, so this one's gonna be short in favor of me getting to bed because I'm super tired. I rewatched some episodes of Buffy today, because I realized that even with all my sources and analysis books and all of that, I have very little from the show in terms of specificities to support my analyses for my thesis. I watched "This Year's Girl" and "Who Are You?" to get a better sense of the Buffy/Faith relationship (one of my favorites on the show).

In Advanced English we are finally starting to write something. It's a short piece that's due next week. Only s'posed to be 500 words. I don't know how to write that short of a story. That's gonna be really hard. We read this interesting short story about this grandma and her family being accosted by this murderer person and it was okay I guess. One of the students had a minor complaining fit about signing up for our big story presentation date, allegedly because she has too much work to do. I was kinda annoyed by it, and it really only served to drag the class out. I don't know.

Man, you ever write something drunk? I haven't, but I'm sure this is what it's like, y'know? You just keep writing no matter how screwed up your mind is. Mine is totally on the fritz right now. Get to write about thesis tomorrow in English. That'll be great. Hopefully get a bunch of work done in there. In Post we looked at the letter Elvis sent to Nixon and how hilarious yet sad it was. We also watched this interview with Nixon about Watergate. It was pretty interesting. I like how he skirted the issues brought up in the questions. Such classic politics!

Oh, and I almost forgot! My Advanced English teacher also teaches ninth graders, and in the ninth grade English class, they watch a production of Macbeth which stars Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. So, as per ridiculous school happenings, this teacher had the ninth graders write to these two in England about this production. And to my amazement, Ian McKellen wrote back! He endorses the school! I mean, God damn! Again, let me rephrase that in terms that you might be able to understand: the wizard who defeated a Balrog endorses Bosque School! How kickass is that?! That just put a huge smile on my face this morning, and made the day go so much better.

Okay, really tired now. Hands starting to shake and make lots of typos on my computer. Goodnight everyone. I'll maybe be better in the morning. I better not be sick on my birthday. That would just suck!

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