January 15, 2014

Day 235

I think I'm starting to get sick. I have that horrible beginning back-of-the-throat scratchiness that also collects all the saliva you swallow and it makes your throat all thick. Yeah, I have that thing. I think I got it from my English teacher who's been sick but still teaching for some reason and now my Mom is saying that she's feeling sick, so who knows? But anyway, I feel sick, and it's not fun.

So, everyone says that I should start writing my thesis rough draft, and being that we have a work day in English on Friday to work on our theses, I'm going to do that. I think I'm ready, or at least have enough to talk about to start the draft. Twenty pages? Well, I already have ten of them, and I can easily spend another ten on discussing Buffy alone, not to mention all the other things that she does and represents... yeah, I'm gonna be fine.

I think today was pretty productive. History was the best class today. We learned about city life in England during the Industrial Revolution. Essentially, it sucked, but then that might as well be the middle and lower class's tagline during this time period. We also discussed Leopold's Ghost a little bit and got assigned our next reading. I'm loving the pacing that we're doing. Two chapters a reading is a nice steady pace, and I'm reading one a night, so it works out. I'm loving the book still.

I had a discussion with my English teacher prior to class today about my thesis, and in it she asked me why she would want to read a paper of mine that was using sources that could probably explain what I'm saying a lot more eloquently. I answered the way she expected: because I have unique insight into the show, and I'm also a generation younger than the authors of the books I'm sourcing, so that would give me a new perspective on the show as well.

And then I got into how I write, and how I think we all channel people we listen to or read (for me, it's reviewers and analytical essayists online), and I started kind of thinking out loud and asking where the line was in the sand between just regurgitating what others have said in a new fancy packaging and actually expanding their ideas into your own, and also how your ideas should not be tailored to your inspiration's ideas. It was an interesting thought exercise I did, and I'm still not sure if there's a right answer.

English itself was okay. We talked about the morals and ethics going on in The Plague, and how there's this great discussion about God, the meaning of life, death, belief, faith vs. pragmatism, just really interesting stuff. The book is very good, and I'm loving the analysis we're doing on it in class.

I got caught up on my TV tonight with the Season Four premier of Being Human (US) and the newest episode of Person of Interest! I'm so glad Being Human is back! I just love what they're doing with all the characters; always mixing them up and putting them in such unexpected situations. They're season premiers are not the strongest ever; the seasons tend to grow in enjoyment and excitement as they go, so this one was pretty average for a Being Human episode. Still, so glad that it's back!

Watched the Game of Thrones Season Four trailer again tonight because I just love Daenereys, and am now heading to bed! Goodnight everyone!

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